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Alice CHOU: An insider's view


A few days ago, we had the real pleasure of talking to Alice CHOU.

Mrs.CHOU has been driving the government’s efforts to help Taiwanese businesses open up to branding. Subkarma has long shared this desire to take Taiwan forward using design and branding, so it only felt natural to invite Mrs.CHOU to share her thoughts with us.

From our discussions, we all agree that the government has a role to play in supporting local businesses become better equipped to fight for international market share. There are, in fact, many resources available to do so. Drop us an e-mail at if you want to know what budgets are available to you. For more information about Branding Taiwan, you can visit this website:

We also agreed very much that Taiwan itself is in even greater need to brand itself. In many ways, Taiwan's international image will affect how local businesses are perceived. So what are we saying about Taiwan to outsiders?

We would challenge anyone to define exactly what Taiwan stands for in the world. As Taiwanese brands, we certainly play a part in defining what “made in Taiwan” means.We also believe that until we agree with each other who we are and what we stand for, as a united group -government, businesses, thought leaders and general population- the challenge will remain unsolved.

We encourage you, therefore, to send comments below our video stating what the Taiwan brand stands for, in your view. Lets have the discussion and make things happen. 

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