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Covid19 makes us rethink the advantages of remote work. 

As predicted, the Covid19 Virus is starting to influence the way we think about remote working. With potential for more imposed or self-imposed quarantine for staff, remote work or the ability to manage projects from home is becoming increasingly necessary.


Here are some advantages for employees working from home.

Productivity increase - due to fewer interruptions, allowing more focused work.

Increased motivation - with staff having a better work/life balance.

Financial benefits for both the employee and employer - savings on office space and other facilities and savings on commuting to and from the office.

Working at home can also lead to healthier lifestyles.

However, the disadvantage of working from home is that you have to motivate yourself and be disciplined. And you have to be really good at staying on task as there could be more distractions and temptations.


You risk to work longer hours

You need to learn to prioritize work

There may be more interruptions

You may feel lonely with the lack of colleague interaction

Communication difficulties with the team

Lack of technology support

The concept of staff mobility and working from home is not new, however, it is not mainstream. And in Taiwan, remote working is not popular amongst employers – for now.


Start with small steps. Businesses can start by making their office mobile. This is what Subkarma has been doing for the past few years. No restrictions on which work station people can use. Provide more open space in the office. Create different spaces within the office for more staff interaction, discussions, brainstorming, relaxing. And whenever possible, extend your work environment outdoors.

Encouraging staff to move around the workplace will undoubtedly increase interaction between staff, teams and departments.


Next step, fully autonomous remote working.

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