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Embrace the Challenge

The virus is spreading. Should I just shelve this year’s marketing plan?

With the spread of the Covid19 virus, tradeshows and conferences around the world are being rescheduled, postponed or cancelled. As a Taiwanese business, you may have been relying on these events to launch your new products or meet new customers. Now that everyone is choosing to stay put and avoid large gatherings, is this the end? Is it just time to close the business and give up?

Absolutely not! On the contrary. We say that you should embrace the challenge. When everyone is speaking doom and gloom, now is the time to think different and take the lead in a time of crisis. As the saying goes, when a basket full of apples is shaken, the larger ones rise to the surface. Is that you?

The latest virus-linked cancellations are not the end of the world. In fact recent global trends have been pointing to a decline in attendance to conferences and tradeshows around the world due to high costs, climate change issues and simply new and more effective ways of doing business. The cancellations are merely a chance to make proactive changes.

At Subkarma, we are saying to our clients: Take this opportunity to rethink your global marketing strategy and find innovative ways to maximize your international presence without attending shows. You may start by taking immediate steps to inform clients and potential visitors of any cancellation and to announce your next move. Your partners expect you to take the lead. Next, re-allocate budget to support your dealers and partners at a local level with road shows and local events which may not be affected by the virus.

But most importantly, reorganize your online structure according to your market needs. Make sure you use the right social media and target the right audience. Create specific online campaigns to achieve the results you are seeking; increase brand awareness, launch new products, call to action… Release introductory videos of your new products on video platforms such as YouTube. Organize live webinars and live streaming conferences.
Markets are seasonal. Most shows correspond to industry seasonality, so act quickly and swiftly. The good news is that your marketing budget has just been increased. Reinvest the budget into online tools. Be sustainable and market online.

Remember, in times of crisis, people turn towards leaders. So be a leader in your industry. And if you are not sure how to go about it, Subkarma is ready to help.

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