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In branding and design, sight is often considered the most important sense of all.

For many years, Leatrice Eiseman has been the expert to go to regarding colors. Traveling all over the world on behalf of the PANTONE Color Institute, of which she is the Director, Leatrice has amazing insight on color psychology and trends. Subkarma was very fortunate to invite her to Taiwan a couple of times, as part of one of our own events, Color Me Taiwan, back in 2009 and 2010. She is therefore no stranger to this beautiful place.

Hear her thoughts in this episode.


Leatrice Eiseman is a color specialist who has been called "the international color guru." In fact, her color expertise is recognized worldwide, especially as a prime consultant to Pantone, Inc. the leaders in color communication and specification. Fortune Magazine has dubbed her the top decision-maker in all things color. She has helped many companies, from small one-person start-ups to large corporations, make the best and most educated choice of color for product development, brand imaging, web sites, packaging, interior/exterior design or any other application where color choice is critical to the success of the product or environment. She heads the Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training and is also executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Her academic background includes studies in both design and business, a degree in psychology from Antioch as well as certification from UCLA for advanced work in psychology that earned her a Counseling Specialist certification from the University.

She teaches a Color Design program twice yearly on Bainbridge Island, WA where she lives and works and is the author of ten books on color.

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