What started off as just a little bit of fun, ended up being an eye-opener.

When planning our brand interviews for our YouTube Channel, we decided to ask a few challenging questions to children living in Taiwan. After all, what do kids know about color, brands, word associations?

As it turned out, quite a lot.

Now we are not children psychologists, but we do know that our little humans see the simplicity in things. Bold colors, strong tastes, clear personality traits have meaning. Subtleties relating to sarcasm, irony, double meanings and inferred meaning are often a by- Product of experience and learning over the years. As adults, we all have different life experiences growing up, different baggage. Hence we have moved away from simple communication.

Creating a brand which is easily recognizable, appealing and easy to understand is not a simple task for us adults. But what if we reverted back to simplicity of thought, clear logic and innocent perceptions?

Watch how well our young interviewees answer our branding questions. Maybe we all have something to learn from them. At Subkarma, we certainly believe so, and we will continue to invite children to be interviewed.

PS - If you think your child would be a great interviewee on SBK channel, contact us at info-tw@subkarma.com , with your child's age, and your phone details.

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