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Cultivating Creativity in the Age of AI & Digital Communication

IDB (Industrial Development Bureau) x subkarma


Seminar Introduction

Discover the power of disruptive technology in our “Cultivating Creativity in the Age of AI & Digital Communication” workshop. 

Learn from experts how to leverage disruptive technology, stay on top of global trends, and foster collaboration in your team. 

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Workshop benefits 

An engaging program that incorporates lectures, hands-on activities, group discussions, and case studies to help participants apply the concepts they learn and to gain a deeper understanding of how they can leverage disruptive technology to stay competitive in their industry. 



Morning Lectures

‘Branding in the Age of Disruptive Technology’ by James Soames 

‘Designing a brand to Imagining a brand’ by Tony Soames 

Exploring the role of AI and AI tools in imagining and creating brands and shifting the focus from traditional methods of brand development and design. 



Afternoon Workshop

‘The Magic of Brand Imagination’ Workshop Introduction 

‘The Magic of Brand Imagination’ workshop for “Staying Competitive in the Age of Disruptive Technology” for marketing, design, and branding professionals. Participants learn how to ideate, incubate, and test ideas with the support of disruptive technology  and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.