A new brand rules the roost



When faced with the desire to create a new brand of healthy and semi-organic chicken meat, our client was faced with the task of creating a brand from zero. 

With a relatively small marketing team and a need to generate results within less than a year, Kingrich entrusted Subkarma to the task. This case is a great example of how branding can be achieved in a short time frame, using an integrated marketing approach where traditional and online platforms and communication methods worked together to create quick results.


From the onset, Subkarma was faced with a couple of major challenges:

  1. A short time frame within which to achieve results – driven by the desire to attend the Taipei Food Show 3 months into the project.
  2. Creating quick interest in a product by giving it a Personality and an attractive image.


In order to make our client stand-out from the start, Subkarma designed both a new name, Holsem, to reflect its “wholesome” appeal, and also designed a brand image using the Holsem Chicken family as main characters. This would make the brand more memorable and easily recognizable, as well as presenting a friendly and engaging face to clients.

As part of the project, Subkarma not only created the name and logo for Holsem, we also designed the website, tradeshow booth, food truck, packaging, posters, carrier bags, mascot outfit and many more marketing materials.

One of the most remarkable design items that Subkarma delivered during this project was a series of filmed episodes starring Holsem’s chicken family.
Each episode required filming on set with real chicken; a challenge that we had never faced before!

chicken family Shorts


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company video


In order to gain maximum attention for the Holsem brand, Subkarma created a number of online campaigns prior to the Taipei foodshow to generate participation and online sharing. Supported by Line activities and other competitions, Subkarma was able to very quickly reach a whole generation of internet Savvy young consumers and their families.

Subkarma also managed Holsem’s tradeshow design and strategy, which includes speeches and cooking demonstrations at the booth with famous TLC cooking show host.

In addition, Subkarma maintained interest in the brand after the show by maintaining the Holsem FB and running co-branding events with like-minded brands for children’s school supplies. We even designed a Holsem Food truck to tour the island and raise awareness!!

With a very clear direction and an appetite for dynamic and positive branding, the Holsem marketing Team has successfully taken up the baton from Subkarma to expand its customer base, develop campaigns and increase its B2B customer base across Taiwan. This brand is definitely one to watch!

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