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Kavalan Whisky


A decade ago, no-one would have known that Taiwan would be gaining global recognition for its local whisky. As a brand consultancy, we sometimes need to sense the opportunity where so many would have simply turned away.

Being the first mover in branding can often be very rewarding, and in hindsight, we can acknowledge that the KAVALAN gamble has paid off quite spectacularly.

Today, we are very proud to have laid the foundations for such a promising and successful brand.


The biggest challenge was to position Taiwan as a credible producer in a region with no whisky tradition. In addition, Kavalan -as it was later branded- was the first alcoholic beverage to be sold by its producer, King Car, and it was critical to learn about and understand the whisky market in as much detail as possible, with particular focus on consumers in China.


From Packaging to bottle design and graphics, everything about the Kavalan brand had to be both reminiscent of traditional whisky, with a modern twist to represent the forward thinking attitude of Taiwan. The bottle shape would be a clear departure from most traditional shapes in the market and was designed to showcase the energy and forward thinking attitude of both the brand and Taiwan.

brand case video


The King Car team has truly embraced KAVALAN’s can-do attitude and ambitious vision for the future. With brand training across the organization and a clear vision for the future supported by a very recognizable identity system, we have have proven that few endeavors in branding are impossible, if done correctly through a combination of logic, intuition and creativity. Cheers!

Kavalan Whisky Brand launch

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