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Victor Taichung


Victor Taichung is one of the better-known CNC manufacturers from Taichung.

And with the opening of a brand spanking new state of the art factory in 2019, the company was keen to make a statement about their high ambitions for the future.

We are proud to have been chosen by Victor Taichung to take their valuable brand on a brand new journey.


When we started working with Victor Taichung, Covid hit the world, tradeshows were cancelled, and there were no opportunities to showcase the new Victor factory to international customers.

Sometimes, tragedies or unforeseen disasters are an opportunity for brands; and we felt that the “pause” in the world was a great time to carry out an in-depth internal audit of Victor Taichung’s 800 employees, numerous dealers and global partners; both locally and internationally.


Once the in-depth analysis of Taichung Victor and its OR brand was completed, we put our newly defined and agreed brand position into visual representation. 

When working with established brands such as OR, we have to be able to show the brand’s new aspirations, while staying true to its core strengths. We felt that we needed to retain much of the original identity system, while bringing more innovation to the brand’s imagery.

if machines could talk


Over the course of this cooperation, we were able to strengthen OR’s friendly and warm brand image, while adding more focus on innovation and technology – an aspect that needed to be strengthened in the past.

Much of our effort was spent on creating internal clarity and unity of message.

We got our message across through a number of engaging and memorable internal events, training courses and speeches.

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