Brand knowledge speech 品牌分享之旅

Sharing Brand Knowledge

From Taiwan NTU, Chao Yang University, NCCU, CSDI Providence and the G2 Association to name a few, it’s been a very busy few months for our brand Director, James Soames!! 

James has been on a branding pilgrimage sharing brand knowledge and his more than 20years experience with students and professionals. His lectures are memorable as he shares his personal experiences working with some of the largest brands in Taiwan. 

Best of all, his topics are always on point and up to date with current trends! 

So if you are a business, a university, an association or an organization and would like to invite James to share his branding experience and knowledge, get in touch with us! 

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Remember, you can also subscribe to Subkarma’s Official YouTube Channel to access James’ branding podcasts in English with Chinese Subtitles and a whole lot of fun.