Bringing a National
Landmark to life

Taichung Opera House


When we were asked to provide some ideas for the opening of Taichung’s National Opera House, we had no idea that we would be entrusted, a couple of months later, with our first ever large scale, national event!


Entrusted with the launch event for Taiwan’s first – and the world’s 9th largest – international opera house, we decided that nothing less than the country’s biggest outdoor 3D projection would suffice. 


We built the whole launch event around a unique story and designed the key visuals to match.

We worked closely with local artists for outdoor installations, even creating one of our own, in partnership with a Subkarma client.


As the event organizer, we brought together suppliers for sound and projection.

We sourced a professional orchestra to play in synch with the projection which we had designed. We sourced and connected with sponsors for the event, and we managed the whole PR effort, from the press conference, to media interviews.

We went beyond our brief, as we often do, by collecting messages of encouragement from representatives of the Opera Houses of New York, London, Helsinki and Moscow!

Based in Taichung, we are proud to have put our city on the international map with such a special event.

Over the past several years, we have touched millions of people with memorable events for audiences of all ages. Each event tells a unique story, and each event is a celebration of music, light, projection, dance and fireworks.

But there is more to a great show that meets the eye. At Subkarma, we curate, design, manage, execute all our events. We create the story, define characters, and plan extensively our communication strategy. We produce key visuals, posters and We don’t stop there, our team creates eye-catching event trailers, organizes media-worthy press conferences, work with local security staff and law enforcement for crowd safety and control, organize media coverage, provide live Streaming, document the event through film And photography, help find sponsors, select artists, musicians and dance performers. We are a one-stop-shop for producing some of the best outdoor events in Asia.

From Kaohsiung City’s 2017 countdown celebration with more than 400,000 visitors, 4 Taichung City Light Festivals, the Opening of Taiwan’s National Opera House, Foguanshan Temple’s greatest Chinese New Year Fireworks show which welcomed more than 1,000 000 visitors, to Leofoo Village’s popular Summer and Halloween parties. Our events are unique. Our events are magical.

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