serious brand consultancy with a twist

Serious brand consultancy with a twist

We are team of branding experts who are passionate about making a difference and taking Taiwanese brands to the next level.

From brand training and consultancy to strategy and development, we are the branding mavericks of Taiwan.

our story

With offices in Taichung and Taipei, Subkarma has been making waves since 2002.

As a leading branding agency in Taiwan, we have a reputation for doing things a little differently.
What drives us is our love for Taiwan and the desire to make a difference.

brand strategist/ co-founder

James soames

“Building brands comes with a huge responsibility. Our job is to create branding solutions which are unique and creative while ensuring that results remain realistic and achievable.”

The team

James Soames - Brand Strategist 品牌策略總監

James Soames

Brand Strategist/ Co-Founder

Anthony Soames - Creative Director - 設計顧問


Creative Director/ Co-Founder

Cyril Frayon - 品牌顧問 - Brand Consultant - Metaverse OG - 元宇宙OG


Metaverse OG

Irene Lai - Subkarma Branding Agency - General Manager

Irene Lai

General Manager

YOUNG CHUANG - Chief Designer - 設計長 - 設計公司


Chief Designer

Our client list is a testament to the versatility and capabilities of Subkarma.